What Can Go Wrong if You go by Different Names Online

Chances are, you’ve probably given little thought to what you call yourself on your online profiles; however, it could be a harmful lapse in judgement you don’t want to make.

If you go by Bradley D. Wilde in your real life, but call yourself Brad Wilde online, you are increasing the chances of two things: confusion and misrepresentation. Who knows how many other people could be named Brad Wilde. If you don’t specify your exact name on your profiles, you run the risk of being mistaken for all the Brad Wilde’s in the world.

Alternatively, you might not be able to be found at all. If there are no profiles that exist under Bradley D. Wilde, you are impossible to find online. People can assign to you as a negative trait. In this day in age, transparency is almost required. We view others through a lens that is partially formed by what we see about them online.

Having a consistency between your online profiles and what you prefer to be called in real life can pay off more than you might think.